The Different Kinds of Whisky

It is believed that the whisky made in Scotland is the best in the world. Scotch whisky is not just whisky made from barley or rice. It is also made of grain products like wheat, rye and barley. In some countries, Scotch whisky is just distilled water.

A certain type of whisky is defined as a whisky made from wheat. Wheat whisky is a special category, which includes some styles that contain no grain at all. Some of these include rice whisky, rye whisky and barley whisky.

The term malt whiskey is used to describe the type of whisky that contains grain. If a whisky is distilled from a corn mash, it is called corn whisky, while one that is distilled from wheat is called wheat whisky.

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Barley is also called for barley malt whisky, but only in North America. Some other countries use barley malt whisky with a similar name, but call it barley malt whisky.

The distillation process for whisky differs from region to region. In Scotland, most distilleries produce whisky that is made using a basic grain mash.

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The cooking procedure of whisky also varies slightly from place to place. In Scotland, cooking occurs in the open kiln and there is no filtering of the whisky. In the United States, people smoke the whisky and there is also no boiling. Some distilleries do not distill at all, but just use the grain mash that is boiled or smoked for other purposes.

Whisky has many different types of flavors, depending on the amount of malted barley used, the proportions of the ingredients, the taste of the distiller and the quality of the whisky. In fact, whisky that has been distilled from fruit juice, rice, or rice bran has less taste.

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To start, there is the Shire barley whisky which is very light. It is usually very mild and clean. The most famous brand of this is Glenfiddich. In Scotland, other types of malted barley whisky include Glenmorangie whisky, Laphroaig whisky, Balvenie whisky, and Inglot whisky.

White liquor is another kind of whisky, which can be lighter or darker. The main reason for using white liquor is that it is less perishable than other types of whisky. It can be stored for up to 20 years.

Scotch whisky can also be matured in another style of still called still or cask-maturation. In this method, the whisky is still-wet, after being distilled. To get the full taste of the spirit, it is chilled and poured into glassware. This method makes the spirit taste more full bodied.

Some whiskies can only be bottled during the middle ages, such as the old expression of Glenfiddich. In the distilling process, the main difference between the whisky produced in Scotland and the rest of the world is the addition of different ingredients. These are listed below.

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