You may have doubts about the quality of our service, so please take time to read our customers’ positive feedback. 




The Peach Winery and Restaurant was recommended by a friend of mine and I was not disappointed. The food is excellent. We had the smoked marlin which was delicious and a platter of cheeses. They have a great selection of wines too, we ordered their new Pinot by Tituss. It was so good, it really is a hidden gem of the Peach Winery and Restaurant. I will absolutely eat here again and will be recommending this to any of my friends visiting Houston too.  



Today, we went for lunch and started with a black olive tapenade that tastes so delicious. The food is fresh, authentic and savory. We followed it up with wine,  a Pinot by Tituss it was good. The restaurant has a relaxing, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere. 



I have been a great fan of Peach Winery and Restaurant ever since. I really enjoy the food, the wines most especially the Pinot by Tituss which has a very good taste. 



I went to their cellar last week and was pleasantly surprised that I saw hundreds of wine selections in there. I got a chance to taste some of their suggested wines and they are really good. From cheeses to pizzas, to pasta, and other meals, the menu is quite varied. There is a patio with beautiful chairs and tables. Inside the restaurant, there is a spacious area that is very cozy and has relaxing ambiance, perfect for an intimate dinner. They also have a private cellar, tasting bar, winery, wine store and private dining room that are available to be reserved for a special event. I tried their pizza and it was delicious and their recommended wine Pinot by Titus was so good. I would recommend visiting the Peach Winery and Restaurant, as when you are there, you feel like you are at some place in the Mediterranean.