We present and recommend Pinot by Tituss

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The Peach Winery and Restaurant boasts of a selection of hundreds of wines paired with French cuisine. We are happy to serve the best quality wines to all wine lovers in communities inside and outside Las Vegas. Owners Daniel and Eimra are a delightful couple who are very passionate about wine, have vast knowledge on the subject, and provide friendly service which make them the best in the industry. When you visit us, you will noticed we had the garage door in the winery was replaced. We wanted to thank A1 garage doors of Tempe for the great work.  We carry everything, from wines and spirits to gourmet foods and French menus that are suitable for wines.  


We present and recommend Pinot by Tituss, one of the great tasting, most in demand and age-worthy wine in the world. It is made from the primary red grape that’s not only found in France’s Burgundy region. Pinot Noir wine is made in many locations like California’s Carneros and the Russian River Valley regions, as well as in New Zealand and more other locations. 


You will know the best Pinot by Tituss’ based on its texture and taste of delicate, sour, cherry and strawberry flavors added with a bit of spice, of medium to low acidity. Meanwhile, it has an oaked version which is developed with age and has smoke and vanilla flavors. Rot and vineyard pests are difficult to grow in Pinot Noir. This is because of the grapes’ thin skins which require exceptional gentle handling to prevent damaging the final wine.  


Peach Winery and Restaurant stands by our wine quality. We provide total customer satisfaction and exceptional services. You can buy our wine with confidence. If you have any doubts regarding the wine quality you bought from us, we will happily replace it or refund your money with no questions asked although we need and appreciate your feedback. 


Peach Winery and Restaurant is the best place to go, whether it’s to unwind after a stressful workday, for an intimate dinner with your wife or girlfriend, a dinner party with your group of friends or colleagues, for company or associate meetings, or to just sit at the patio area with luxurious chairs and listen to live jazz and mellow music while viewing the beautiful sunset of Las Vegas. You can also choose Peach Winery and Restaurant as a venue for your private events and business functions. You can hire us as well to cater for your special events such as weddings and birthdays. We would love to work with you to create the perfect memorable event of your life together with your friends, family, loved ones or business associates. Book our venue and you will never regret it. 


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